12 June 2015

Oh..! My God, is this Your Purpose of Your Creations?

Some have the perception and belief  that this world or in the biggest picture the Universe is created for them, just for them, solely for them, thus cannot accept the fact that some are not the same like them, thus cannot live and co-exist with them. 

In their eyes these are the infidels. They play god to judge and label the infidel.

And they create hatred, discriminate, slaughtering, killing and all sort of criminal activities to get them out of their eyes, thinking that without these infidels their life and well beings will be preserved and they live happily ever after. This world and Universe will be the Heaven solely for them.

Perhaps these self proclaim righteousness people may pray and appeal to God to wipe out all these infidels thus they will be in peaceful mind and no hindrance to perform their ritual dues to serve and glorify Him, the Almighty Creator.

Perhaps these self proclaim righteousness people may question Him why He creates these infidels in the first place that caused difficulties for them to glorify Him.

Oh..! My God, are You so Cruel. Is this the purpose of Your Creations?


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