27 November 2011

‘Political Reality’ to have Malay PM

Political Reality to have Malay PM - LGE

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And this is an interesting comment by Ahmad Sobri (edited) ·

Malaysians, in particular the Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans had never demanded the PM's post! It is just a vicious lie by a certain political party to scare the Malays, and certain component of the non-Malay parties jumped on the band wagon to promote this LIE!

Malaysians had never fought over the post and Malaysians always understand the post is only relevant if given to a Malay. What the Malaysians particularly of the minority groups are demanding is that there is good governance. They want corruptions that is going on at an enormous scale to stop. They demand, equality before the law, they want justice and respects to be restored in every institution of the Government that had been raped by the current administration! They want accountability to the billions they pay in income tax!

Sometimes it is difficult to be a Malay in Malaysia, especially during the current political scenario, when the Government is spreading all sorts of lies and making use of race and religion to the core to score political points with the Malays! But, what is happening at NFC and Felda are going to have a telling effect come PRU 13! The young voters will be decisive and the good thing about it is that they are very aware of political happenings and at current level it is 70% pro PR, 20% undecided and 10% pro BN! The young voters understand that the Chinese, Indians, Ibans or Kadazans had never demanded the PM's post! Only, they are the words of politicians! Selamatkan Malaysia, Bangsa Malaysia!

Minority races had never demanded the PM's post.

It is the work of the sycophant parties to divide and rule the country. They use the above to make the Malays go against the Chinese in particular. Just what had the Chinese done, besides, building the country, to deserve such shallow political tactics? And the most disgraceful thing is that you have parties which claim to represent the Chinese to work hand in gloves to perpetuate their lies and sins!


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