23 November 2011

Banana People, OCBC ...Kah..Kah..Kah... All This While This Is What I've Meant

So I am not alone and also not crazy when I whacked my own kind for their extreme ethnocentric. Look like having superiority complex but with deeper analysis seem to be insecure with their own inferior complex thus creating a situation which they think they are good at which artificially helps to project their superiority but actually lack in their own ability. Like when they brand their own kind who is not well verse in a certain dialect included Mandarin but they themselves also not good at it but only their own dialect, worse not well verse at all in English, the accepted international language, thus covering their own lack of ability by branding their own kind who is now an international community as banana fellow!

Not Chinese Enough? by Erna Mahyuni

Read more here.

With thanks to Erna Mahyuni.


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