20 August 2011

The More You Sumpah The More You Are A Liar

It makes one wonder about the worth of an oath. If someone were to swear an oath can we take that oath at face value? It appears like oaths have no real value other than a sandiwara or stage-play for political gain.

Oaths are merely playthings for some people. They will stand on a stage to swear their oaths just for show. They do not mean what they swear. Oaths are not their solemn words. You can’t trust these oaths farther than you can throw the ‘oath-taker’.

That is what oaths or sumpah keramat or whatever type of sumpah have been reduced to. In fact, the more they sumpah, the more suspicious we become of them. Those who like to sumpah a lot appear to be those who lie a lot and who need to cover their lies with these public displays of sumpah.

This is sad because now the impression created is the more you sumpah, the more you are a liar -- instead of the other way around. So, if someone says ‘sumpah’, then we can assume he or she is a bloody liar.

Source: Adopted and edited from an article here.


AbGJaS said...

slm sjhtera,
kpd org jujur, sumpah adalah jln terakhir utk membuktikan kebenaran ats keyakinanan Tuhan melihat apa yg kita lakukan.

tetapi sumpah juga boleh dipermainkan (sekali gus mempermainkan Tuhan) oleh si pendusta utk menutup kesalahannya.

Ada kategori manusia yg buruk akhlaknya tetapi masih yakin/takutkan Tuhan. Mereka inilah yg takut utk bersumpah...

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