08 August 2011

The Habit of Happiness

The Habit of Happiness

The author of this helpful book has distilled the essence of many ancient Buddhist practices to give us these simple, inspiring instructions to feel happier, every day.

1. Choose attractive, pleasant, undisturbed surroundings. In order to deactivate habitual daily concerns, begin with 2 or 3 minutes of becoming mindful of your breathing.

2. Check to see that you are actually sitting comfortably and free from disturbances.

3. Recall a situation in which you were content, free from hostility and stress, calm and happy.

4. Imagine this situation visually. You can also bring to mind any other sense perceptions that were connected with this situation. Stay with this memory for about 1 minute.

5. Note the feeling that you feel in your body in connection with this recalled situation.

6. Tag this pleasant feeling with a word like “happy,” “relieved,” or “content”—perhaps you will find a better word to label the mood you felt.

7. Now let the details of the imagined situation fade out and just stay with this mood.

8. Permit yourself the wish “May I be happy!” (as in the recalled situation), which after all expresses a healthy desire for well-being.

9. Mentally repeat a few times the words “May I be happy!” Repeat this exercise as often as needed to begin forming the habit of happiness.


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