05 April 2011

Heart of Gold 1

Garbage Collector with the Heart of Gold
64-year-old sanitary worker and garbage collector Li Yukun has long passed her retirement age of 50 in China but she begged the Wendeng environmental protection department to let her keep her job because she has more than 10 students to support. Since 1998, Li has helped 15 students from poor families.

Kang Yujing, a senior at Qufu Normal University in East China’s Shandong Province, is one of the 15 students helped by Li. She had been receiving 1,000 yuan from the kind-hearted grandmother yearly over the past four years. But she never imagined her “Rich Uncle Li” would turn out to be a sanitary worker and garbage collector, or even a 64-year-old woman, before meeting her in April.

After finding out the identity of her “angel” the Year Four undergraduate of Qufu Normal University decided to visit her. When she saw Li sweeping the Wendeng street, Kang ran towards her and held her tightly.

She burst into tears, as she had never imagined that the money given to her was from such a humble old woman doing such hard work.
“I had always thought that the philanthropist was a rich man called ‘Uncle Li’.”

In her thank-you letters to Li, Kang addressed her as “Uncle Li” before their meeting on April 19.

Li, whose colleagues call “Iron Feet Li”, has always spent all her money helping the poor and the underprivileged. She leads a very simple life and lives in a crude home with an old donated TV set as the only appliance.

Wendeng’s construction bureau has given Li 50,000 yuan for living expenses, but she has donated all of the money, against the advice of her colleagues.

She also decided, after discussing it with her two married daughters, to donate her organs after her death.
Li has also donated 100,000 yuan to victims of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and to other charitable causes.

Li may be just a poor garbage collector but she has a heart of gold!
It is people like her that makes our world a much better place.
Source: An email from Mr. Lim Chin Hong.
How many of us are willing to go down to such a state.
Instead, we push and fight to get even more and always want to be ahead of others in nearly everything.
Some even put themselves to the state of grabing or taking away others' rights.
Some who are so engrossed with self glory and pride, willing indulge in humiliting or bad mouthing others who perhaps in their eyes have gained something ahead of them which they tend to ask why not them?
If we could just be grateful with what we have or gained and always have good thought of others or what they have or gained, then we don't have to go down to level of Li Yukun to be look upon as a person with the heart of gold.
The problem is, many have the mentality of kiasuism.


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