10 April 2011

Beware, Unseen Hazard Near Your Ear!

Is Your Cell Phone a Health Hazard?

1. Try to avoid direct contact with your cell phone during calls.
Use the speaker-phone setting or wired hands-free device. Although wireless Bluetooth devices do reduce radiation, they don’t eliminate it.

2. Follow the bars.
Radiation exposure increases when a cell phone’s signal is weak or when you’re traveling in a fast-moving car or train. That’s because the phone needs to constantly reconnect to new towers. Wait till you have three or more bars showing before you make your call.

3. Tell your kids to text.
Because their skulls are thinner than adults’, children absorb radiation at a higher rate when they hold a phone to their ear.

4. Save the long chats for a noncordless landline or an Internet phone system, like Skype.
And when you’re on the go, let your fingers do the talking and send a text instead.

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