14 November 2010

Unpatriotic? I'm and I'll Still Be Here Despite .....

by Emmanuel Joseph

To me, a municipal cleaner who honestly cleans his street corner well, simply because its his duty, is more of a patriot than a high profile municipal councillor who steals from the coffers he should be guarding. To me, a poor single mother who teaches her child the virtues of loving your country is more of a patriot than some venom-spitting bigwig politician who berates another race to climb the political ladder at the cost of race relations.

To me, an honest policemen who stands at a street corner in the rain and shine, directing traffic on a busy intersection, is a bigger patriot than a corrupt high ranking cop who’s on the take from every Ah Long, Ah Hor and A-Hak Ser Wie out there. To me a stuttering Mentri Besar who is honest and tries genuinely to make his state better is more patriotic than any smooth talking Casanova look-alike minister whose ego is only surpassed by his bank balance and whose biggest contribution to the nation is some collapsed stadium or a roof-leak in a government building or a cracked highway.

To me a politician who tries to fight for a better Malaysia, regardless which camp he or she belongs to, is a patriot.

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