03 May 2010

Waa.... Birdnest!!

Waa...! Birdnest...! " Cuisine of the Emperor'!

These are the nests when they are harvested.

Getting rid of the fine feathers, grass and dirt.

After getting rid of the feathers and grass, the birds' nests are cut into smaller pieces for further cleaning.

Then they are soaked in water for other smaller particles to float to the top.

Then they are soaked in a kind of bleaching agent for them to turn white.
The bleaching agent becomes cloudy after reacting.. After bleaching, hot boiling water is used to get rid of the smell of bleaching agent. The parts of the birds' nests which cannot be bleached will be taken out.

Now it's the time to mould them into shape.

After moulding them into shapes, they are dried.

The birdnests which are bleached have lost
its original shape. So, they are turned into different kinds of shape. The most common shapes are leaf-shaped, strips and round shape.

There are also those who dye the birds nest into yellow or red colour.

So would you like to consume one?


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