03 January 2014

Some Interesting Quotes From Marina

1. .... the country’s leadership may preach about unity, but remained silent over sensitive statements made by certain parties.
2. .... “What sort of leadership do we have which only mouths platitudes about moderation and unity, yet has absolutely nothing to say about the type of extreme pronouncements made 
3. .... the country’s leaders would rather spend time defending family foibles than speak up for the most vulnerable and defenceless in society. “How embarrassing is that?”
4. .... Malaysians were being led by people who were ignorant, unschooled and yet proud to be so.
5. .... “We have wished our fellow Malaysians the best during all our festivities. So how did it suddenly become a threat to our faith? Or is our faith so fragile that it can hardly withstand anything?”
6. .... there are more and more things Malaysians are told they cannot touch on, so much so that the country’s slogan of “Malaysia Boleh” might as well be turned to “Malaysia Tak Boleh”.
7. .... “We are told we cannot be nice to each other because it might endanger the faith of some of us.
8. .... “We cannot do anything without treading on eggshells because some people have paper-thin skins.
9. .... “we are supposed to be proud of are those with weak faith, who need constant government help and have such inferiority complexes, that anything and everything that anyone else does better is offensive to them.
10. .... “These are the people who think the fastest way to heaven is to oppress other people. Lovely!” 
11. .... “It’s astounding that simple logic doesn’t apply to the way politicians think.”
12. ....  to survive in the world today is by being strong. And strength comes from being educated and in tune with the realities of the world, not living in some fantasyland filled with bigots.”
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