07 November 2013

One Law For Everyone No Matter Who You Are

Chinese Olympic champion’s ban extended

Obviously a very good example to show that there is only one law for everyone no matter who you are...

Somehow, somewhere there was a place where there were two sets of law applied to its people - one, the good one only applied to you who are a somebody ... and the other one, the bad one applied to me who are a nobody...

BEIJING: China’s sports authorities have suspended double Olympic swimming champion Sun Yang from competition, national team training and commercial activities, reports said today, after he was given seven days’ detention for driving without a licence.
The move by the General Administration of Sport’s swimming agency broadens an indefinite competition suspension by Sun’s sports college.
Sun became a huge star in China after winning the 400m and 1500m freestyle golds at London 2012, and took three titles at the world championships earlier this year.
But he was found not to have a licence after a white Porsche Cayenne he was driving was rear-ended by a bus in the eastern city of Hangzhou on Sunday.
National sports authorities announced they had suspended Sun indefinitely from domestic and international competition, training with the national team, and any team social or commercial activities, the People’s Daily Online reported.
“Sun Yang ignored laws of the country and recently seriously violated the rules of his team several times,” it quoted a statement by the swimming agency as saying.
“He violated the basic principles of morality and went against the spirit of sport, seriously damaging the image of the national swimming team and Chinese athletes.”
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