04 June 2013

Perhaps Re-Elections of the Disputed Contituencies are the Best Solution

Heard and loud that Pakatan Rakyat, PR is to file at least 35 election petitions to challenge the just concluded 13th GE results and BN even more, at least 50 petitions.

PR leaders and the majority of the 51% of the voters who have voted PR have accused BN with the collaboration of the EC of  'dirty work' and has stolen away the final results of the GE. The PR are engaging in rallies all over the country to drum their case. The latest planned rally would be a mammoth and major one to be held in June 16 in the Federal Capital KL.

The government which is accused as illegal by the other side retaliated by arresting and has charged several dominant leaders of the opposition for organising the rallies or participating in forums that run down the disputed government.

BN on the other hand and for the first time has vowed to file more than 50 election petitions. Prior to the 13th GE, we have gone through twelve elections and  I could not remember once that BN has filed a petition to challenge the results of each of the election. Astonishing, for the first time it has planned to file such a big number of petitions.

This means both sides of the divided are not satisfied with the results, perhaps they are referring to  the conduct of the election  by the EC.  When both sides are not satisfied and complaining, surely they must be some substantive truth to their accusations.

I think the best way to settle the situation for once and for all is to let all the petitions to go through and to let reelections  to run at the respective constituencies.  Hopefully this will satisfy everybody and to stop the accusation of stolen GE results. The reelection will also enable the affected voters in the respective constituencies another chance to show their genuine preference of the party they want to lead them in their area and to occupy the coveted Putrajaya.

Hopefully election judges who are assigned to hear all these petitions to decisively put a final verdict that reelection is the only solution to the present predicament.


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