22 April 2013

Your Dignity and Pride

You have been ridiculed left right front and behind,
You have been humiliated all this while just for nothing but their insecurity,
You have been questioned of your rights as a member of the people of this land,
You have been differentiated by your colour, your language and the God you are praying to,
In short your dignity and pride been questioned and robbed,
But some of you still let yourself to be humiliated and ridiculed,
Where's your dignity and pride...
Perhaps this people just for money can sell of their dignity and pride...
But the whole community be looked upon as such by the act of these few stupid fellows..
When this going to end....
Perhaps this time is the best opportunity to make the change,
Will you do that for the dignity and pride of your children, community andnation...
Do it now for the failure to do it this time will see you wait for another century... if you able to see.


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