This two are different with each other
But there are similarities hidden inside their manner
When you seek its true meaning, 
Truth will reveal itself what is hiding

You will see its true meaning, 
When you have a full understanding
With your own understanding, 
You will realize that it is rising

Rising with a powerful fist
That can eat anyone like having a feast
Without knowing that they are bad
Because you don't know that they are not bad

In the end you will realize that you are fooled
By those things that you don't know more
You will become a helpless fool
You will think that it is finished but there is more

This suffering will conquer your life
When you cannot pass this trial of life
If you're the first one to give up
They will the one who rule your life up

Think that good can be bad 
So that you cannot fooled by a bad 
By - Peter John Abellanoza
Source: An email from Mr. Tan K.C.