10 November 2012

Can't Understand This, Do You?

One commentator from a popular local blog has written this:  Money Collecting Agency  belongs to D_ _s as most of them are liars and cheaters and porn star leaders? They are more interested in WWW 15, AES, money-making in PKFZ, Australian PR, Porn Actor, Swindles, enriching themselves and family, etc etc...

Read more here.

What is this???

P/S: Don't they like to 'buy' the TanSeli, LatukSeli, LatukBaluka, Latuk...blah blah blah... too? And then they or cronies pay or collect a huge sum  of money to advertise their newly acquired titles in the papers for few weeks...! Later they take their titles as symbols and to be treated as 'feudal lords' in their community...!


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