11 July 2012

Lesson of Time

You may be powerful today.
But remember, time is more powerful than you.
Slowly but surely you be eaten by time.
So be good.
Don't devalue and hurt others even if you think
you are in real powerful today.
Nothing is so great being powerful if the power you have today is not used to serve your fellow human beings and the environment well.
Time will never forget about you but to be your best and absolute judge.
Time is not corruptible, 
not indulging in croynism,
not practicing favouritism 
and surely cannot be bought in order to delay or to decide the judgement in your favour.

Remember, time is forever behind you,
definitely you can't win over it, 
ultimately you be beaten.....
and certainly, what is that to be proud of , to be arrogant and to be abusive if indeed you are really powerful today.

Source: Innovation of an email from CH Lim.


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