19 March 2012

Are We Deviated From The Original?

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If you study the history of Malaysia. Why have we lost the generation that can mingle together regardless of religion?

"We have deviated. It is very dangerous. I just want us to see our humanity and love again," said Mohammad Nawar Ariffin, an orthopedic surgeon, who is also member of a national inter-faith committee that reports to the Prime Minister’s Department.

"In those days, because of the understanding of the religion, my father and his father actually did wonderful things to understand others."

"Now we think in terms of you are less religious, we are more religious. We are the majority, you are the minority."

"Let’s not do all that because that is not the original teachings."

"Many don’t even understand their own religion and some who claim to speak for the religion contradict each other."

"Don’t concentrate on what you should do and not do. We should actually practice what the Prophet Muhamad taught, which is love."

He has stories that he has actually fed a Jew on one occasion. "This shows that he could cut across boundaries of religion and race. Why can’t we practice that?”

Choking back tears, Mohammad Nawar said “I still remember a Chinese boy who helped carry an older Muslim man to the mosque and he said ‘I just want to help him pray’. Isn’t that what is good in our hearts?”


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