24 February 2012

Vincent Tan, Robert Kuok Are Billionaires...! So What...? Not You and Me... What Benefit We Got?

"People only mention the few Malays who became millionaires... but there are also (those from) other races who became millionaires during my time. You can count the number of non-Malays who became millionaire or even billionaires during my time," Dr. M

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So what when these few fellows are millionaires or billionaires? What benefits do they give to you and me?

They are rich but that does not mean we, just because we are of the same kind, are also rich.

Would these millionaires or billionaires share their fortune with us.

Even if our uncles, brothers or any one of our relatives are rich, that does not mean we are also rich or receive any benefit from their richness.

We, the ordinary people, no matter what race, without much privileges or advantages like those millionaires or billionaires, still have to sweat and toil to earn some decent living.

Worse is, just because these few millionaires or billionaires are of our kind, we all are looked upon or highly be perceived to be rich, thus do not entitle for any help or benefits.

So why must we the ordinary people whoever we are fighting among us just to protect these elitists who have actually benefited from the policies which systematically have discriminated us? Aren't we been cowed all these while?


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