18 September 2011

Robert Kuok - A Humble Man Who Love His Mother Forever

Tan Sri Robert Kuok, the man who has held pole position as Malaysia's richest man since 2006 when Forbes Asia began ranking the 40 richest Malaysians, said he did not like money. Nevertheless, he hopes his companies would continue to make profits so that all the employees would have bonuses. This year's bonus for his employees was considered "okay", he said.

Kuok speaks fluent Mandarin, attributing this to his mother who, he said, always taught them to remember their roots. He also singled out his mother as the person who had the most influence on him. She always advised him to be humble and to help the poor, and she hoped he would be a businessman with good ethics.

Kuok recalled the day he bought a Mercedes as a surprise birthday gift for his mother who was in her 80s then. "When my mother saw it, her face changed. She asked me why I had bought a luxury car when I could have just got a Japanese-made car," he said, adding that he sent the car back at his mother's behest.

Kuok said his mother recognised his talent for business and knew he would be successful one day. But she was worried that he would become an irresponsible businessman and had given him valuable advice, including reminding him not to be greedy.

She would be very happy with his achievement and if she were still alive now, she would remind him to "continue to be humble, continue to help the poor".

"My love for my mum will be forever," he said.

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