15 July 2011

Lies, Lies, Lies...........

Is this the accepted norms and morality of today?
Look up the front page of most newspapers.... lies..
News on the TV.... lies..
News in the internet.... not so bad but some still lies..
Speeches by the VVIPs or VIPs at official functions ... lies..
Press statements....denial syndrome.... lies..
At the meetings, cakap tak serupa bikin.... lies..
Documentations, just make it look nice but.... lies..
Almost everyday we hear lies..
Lies, lies, lies..
Correct? Correct? Correct? Aiyoyo... this one is the most infamous lies!
It seems in order to get rich, to get famous (infamous kot!), to get power, to be promoted or to get anything that worth to get, one must lies.
If you don't lie then forget about your dreams to get one of the worthy things as mentioned above!
Once there is a prominent liar has said, learn Sun Tzu Art of War to beat your enemies.
To lie may be a tactic of Sun Tzu's strategies.
But the liar is now in the arm of law, but that may be another sandiwara of lies.
Itulah budaya baru yang nampaknya mulai diterima umum!
Cili zaman kini sudah tidak cukup pedas, itu sebab yang makan cili sudah tidak terasa pedas,
Tapi makin sedap pula, so can continue to lie and lie!
What to bother others who make noises here and there, the most important thing is to lie to get what we want.
Mungkinkah itulah nilai-nilai murni yang baru yang patut diajarkan di dalam sistem pendidikan masa kini?????


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