12 July 2010

So, Spain Won The World Cup - So Do Paul The Octopus!

Another heart broken, my next favourite team, the Netherlands lost the World Cup to Spain after a hard fought and extra time in the final.

Still recovering from the lost of England to Germany in the round of 16, now my expectation for the Dutch to win the Cup fell flat!

Now, Paul the octopus is surely be a mega celebrity for its 100% affirmative prediction. There is a chance Paul might be offered by some famous film producers or directors to star in a play that showcase its ability to predict the outcome of each game the octopus was asked to do.

However, I am still believe all those true predictions by Paul are just coincident. Base on the law of probability, the probability for a 100% of correct prediction does exist, therefore it has nothing to do with psychic or supernatural power of the octopus!

Speaking about the game, I believe the Dutch manager should not have replaced his captain, Giovanni during the second half of the extra time. The Dutch was defending excellently till Giovanni was replaced. If the game was taken to the penalties, there was an even chance the Dutch might have won the Cup. Hard luck for the Dutch, third time failure to land the Cup!

By the way, Paul the octopus will be cherished and adored by most of the Spaniards. Viva Paul!!! See you in two years time, if you are still around, for the 2012 European Championship. See whether you could still predict 100% correct for each game you were ask to do!


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